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was just thinking about the unfortunate situation our captain is in and to be perfectly honest — sure, I mean…maybe Zelena wants to remove Emma’s powers but, I don’t think that’s her exact end goal. It’s very much like the secret about Neal that Pan told Killian. He played on Killian’s insecurities w/Emma & himself then dropped a bomb on him. But like Killian said, he WANTED him to tell the group. He knew Killian would tell them and he knew it would lead them to the echo caves and he was hoping that in saving Neal, their secrets they tell will tear them apart. He thought Killian telling Emma he’s in love with her would push them apart, he thought Snow telling David she wants another baby would play on Emma’s orphan insecurities and would ultimately cause a rift between Snow & Charming b/c Charming can never leave Neverland. He wanted to divide them in their efforts to get to Henry but he underestimated the strength of love between all of them which allowed them to hold on to hope and persevere.

I feel like it’s the same with Zelena. She knew Killian’s guilt, she knew how he was feeling about the decision he made w/Ariel, so you better believe she knows he would never kiss Emma and take away her powers without telling someone. She knows he would tell someone and figure out a way around it. I mean he’s got Regina on his team — of course he would try and find a loophole. They made it seem like him kissing Emma is what she wanted but, I think she’s counting on him NOT kissing her. I think she’s worried about Emma & Hook sharing a TLK and breaking the curse. And what’s more, look at the guilt he’s going through. She knows he will try and keep his distance which, ultimately in her eyes, would distance them from each other emotionally and make a TLK less and less likely.

Then I think about Hook’s episode — sure, it was definitely meant to cement in our minds how much Hook has changed as an individual. While he couldn’t go back to being the playboy fratboy pirate, he also couldn’t let go of his ship — the one constant in his life. His home. The one thing he has left that holds any sort of meaning to him b/c his life HAD no meaning. He was empty and broken. It was meant to show us just how deeply he loves Emma Swan and what made him decide to fight to get back to her. The moment Ariel jumps off his ship, he got it. This episode was absolutely necessary because it is a perfect lead in to find out when he decided to go after Emma, who helped him, who sent the note, what happened to his ship and how he got to NY. I think all of it revolves around Glinda.

Just like Zelena is afraid of Hook & Emma sharing in a TLK, I think Glinda is counting on it. I don’t know if she sent the note but, I think she definitely had a hand in getting Hook back to Emma. And I think THAT is why he tried TLK to begin with in NY b/c Glinda put the bug in his ear. Because you have to ask yourself, if Zelena has spies in every realm “always circling”, and she knew everything Hook was up to and how he was feeling about it, how in the hell did he make it so far to NY and actually FIND Emma? And just when Hook does make it there, Walsh suddenly proposes? Really? Zelena obviously wanted to keep her from SB even though she can’t kill her. Why else would she want her away from SB? To keep her from her true love b/c that is how Emma breaks curses. So how did Killian manage to fly under her RADAR and make it to Emma? Again…Glinda. — In L Frank Baum’s version of the Wizard of Oz, Glinda is the protector of the “Lost Princess of Oz” and is the most powerful sorceress in Oz. Check this out:

Glinda plays the most active role in finding and restoring Princess Ozma, the rightful heir, to the throne of Oz, the search for whom takes place in the second book, The Marvelous Land of Oz, although Glinda had been searching for Ozma ever since the princess disappeared as a baby. She owns a Great Book of Records that allows her to track everything that goes on in the world from the instant it happens.

Now, I’m not saying Emma is the princess of Oz but, it sounds similar, right? And now we think of Zelena’s endgame and how she is looking to change the past:

The readers are left with the sense that Glinda is experienced and seasoned to the point of knowing that there isn’t a magic cure for everything, and that certain things cannot be changed or perhaps should not be changed for better or for worse.

I know this is speculation without having any facts but, I think Glinda wants to stop Zelena from going back and changing the past. If Hook & Emma do share in a TLK and break the curse, it gives everyone their memories back and also aids Regina in defeating Zelena b/c I have to believe Regina had some success in doing so in the year without Emma in the EF b/c she was hell bent on it.

General Guph also tells the Nome King that Glinda “commands the spirits of the air,”. As mentioned above, he is not an expert on Oz, but this statement made by Guph once again foreshadows a much later cinematic rendition of Glinda, in the film version of the Broadway musical The Wiz in which Glinda (played by Lena Horne) is responsible for the twister that brings Dorothy’s house to Oz and sets all subsequent events into motion. At the end of the film, she sends Dorothy back to Kansas by conjuring up another tornado. 

Did Glinda conjure a tornado to send Hook back to NY? With that tornado on the cover of the huge 3B promo poster, I wouldn’t doubt it. I don’t know, it just seems more and more to me that we’ve got Zelena and Glinda, two ends of the spectrum…Zelena wants to stop the TLK and Glinda wants it to happen. Now, I don’t know where Rumple plays into this, I know she wants his brain obviously but he’s kind of like the wild card and I just can’t place what his role in this is going to be.

But after all of this, it all points to one conclusion: Hook & Emma are true love and in my opinion, will be the ones to break this curse b/c of everything trying to pull them apart from doing so.

Thing about the villains in this show is that they all succeed at some point in their story. It always gets undone, but they always have that taste of victory first. So, Zelena will succeed to some degree. That means she turns time back and then it will need to be righted. 

I’ve said this in another thread earlier today about the preview — I think that Zelena trades the Snowing baby for her infant self and the Snowing baby gets sucked into the cyclone (lands someplace different than Zelena did)  and becomes Glinda. That provides Glinda with the motivation to stop Zelena from changing the timeline. Glinda wants to be raised by her own family too. And because she is also a product of true love, she will probably have many of the same magical talents as her older sister, Emma, making her the Good Witch.

I also have said elsewhere that I think Zelena and Regina are the products of what Cora was like during her pregnancies. Jealous of the royals when she was pregnant with Zelena, and manipulative and evil with Regina. So, if you take that and carry it out, this Snowing baby would be kind and warm, and all the things that Snow pours into her pregnancy, further cementing Glinda’s “goodness.” 

What I find interesting if this is the case, is the connection of sisters and how the Zelena/Regina relationship would be a distorted reflection of Emma/Glinda. So, Zelena wants to destroy her younger sister and Glinda wants to help her older sister, Emma. Zelena wants to go back and change the timeline so her sister was never born, and Glinda wants to change the timeline so she is born at the right time and place as well as making sure her own sister is born. Glinda chooses her sister’s True Love (Hook) to help save her and their family, and in the process helps them to get together. Zelena uses her sister’s True Love (via Robin Hood’s protection of his own son in exchange for Regina’s heart) to try to destroy her. 

As twisted as the whole dynamic is, it is kind of interesting. 





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